2018 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

Up until 2013, the Harrier was nothing more than just a rebranded Lexus RX specifically aimed at the Japanese customers. However, this changed with the release of the 2014 model which was actually a standalone vehicle. Well, it now looks like an update is on its way for the car with the future 2018 Toyota Harrier. So far the Japanese manufacturer decided not to release all that much information about it. Even so, we do have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this future vehicle. The car will likely become more economical, better to drive as well as better looking. These alone should be well worth the upgrade over its predecessor which is now starting to show its age.

2018 Toyota Harrier Review

Unlike its predecessor, the new Harrier is based on Toyota’s New MC platform. This means it remains a front wheel drive vehicle at its core. However, it now has a lot more in common with Toyota’s sedans than it did before. This new design also means the Harrier is lighter, better to drive and more efficient.

The only real drawback with it has to be the car’s unusual looks but more on that later. The 2018 redesign doesn’t seem to bring all that many changes to the table. The car is still based on the same platform as before.

However, it looks like there will be a new engine and the running gear might see an update as well. These should continue the fuel efficiency improvement and they should make the car even nicer to drive.

2018-Toyota-Harrier-3 2018 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

Toyota Harrier Premium – Source: youtube


Unlike most of their other vehicles, the 2018 Toyota Harrier doesn’t feature a Toyota front badge. This is because the car boasts the Harrier’s own eagle-badge which is quite unique. Over the older model, the update does come with a few new additions.

The headlights now come with LED clusters as standard while the bumper grille is larger and more aggressive than before. The back didn’t change all that much though but this was to be expected.

Another small change is the new turbine-wheels which further elevate the way the Harrier looks. Even though it may be a crossover, we do think the car has a lot more in common with a hot-hatch than with a crossover which is always nice to see.

2018-Toyota-Harrier-3 2018 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

2018 Toyota Harrier GR Sport Shown – Source: youtube


The look on the inside didn’t change all that much since the car was showcased. The 2018 Toyota Harrier is mostly identical to its predecessor but that was to be expected. The instrument cluster is clear and quite nice looking while the curvy dashboard design makes up for the space deficit.

There is a new GR Sport version which does come with a few new features. The steering wheel is now wrapped in real leather and there is actual carbon fiber on some of the interior panels.

2018-Toyota-Harrier-3 2018 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

Toyota Harrier Turbo – Source: autorebellion.com

2018 Toyota Harrier Engine – Hybrid and Turbo

There are three different engines available with the 2018 Harrier. The most basic model gets a naturally aspirated 2.0 liter gasoline engine which is good for up to 155 horsepower and 144 lb-ft of torque. While it may not sound all that impressive, this is actually relatively efficient and quite smooth.

The higher end version gets a 2.5 liter hybrid. This is good for up to 154 horsepower and 153 lb-ft of torque but it comes with the added benefit of considerably better fuel consumption. Both of these are more than sufficient for most Japanese roads. For those who are still looking for more, there is the 3rd option.

This is a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-four engine which is good for 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Unlike the others, which get a CVT and FWD only, this is also available with all wheel drive. This is mostly thanks to a different 6 speed automatic which is much faster and smoother than the CVT.

2018-Toyota-Harrier-3 2018 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

2018 Toyota Harrier Turbo Engine – Source: autorebellion.com

Release and Price

For now, it looks like the future 2018 Toyota Harrier will hit the showroom’s floor by the end of the year. The price is likely not going to change all that much. The base model will still cost north of the equivalent of $27,000 with the range-topping version going for around $38,000. This is actually considerably better than many of its direct competitors which is a real achievement for Toyota.

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2018 Toyota Harrier Turbo first look

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