2018 Volkswagen Polo Review

The Polo has always been one of VW’s best selling cars and for a good reason. It managed to offer a lot of features for a really small price. On top of that, it was always better built than its rivals which allowed it to become a class favorite. However, the current model was getting dated and its sales started to get lower. In order to change that VW actually just revealed the 6th generation of the car. The all new 2018 Volkswagen Polo is not only more powerful than its predecessor but also larger, better built and lighter too. The end result should be a better to drive a car than before with far more kit. This will increase its value for money to an all time high which should maintain its status as a class leader.


Unique design
Excellent comfort
Perfect tech package


Strong competition
Fiesta is cheaper

2018 Volkswagen Polo Review

Unlike its predecessor, the new model is actually based on VW’s MQB modular architecture, just like the Golf.

The only real difference over its larger sibling is the track width which is smaller on the Polo. Also, the wheelbase is shorter too but this had to be expected.

New Polo is lower and wider than the previous Golf

The more interesting part is the fact the new Polo is lower and wider than the previous Golf 4. Also, the car is nearly as long but it has a 54mm longer wheelbase which is quite impressive.

2018-Volkswagen-Polo-4 2018 Volkswagen Polo Review

2018 Volkswagen Polo GTI shown – Source: performancedrive.com.au

The latter basically gives it more interior space without having to be larger than before.

Unfortunately, it also gets the same suspension setup as the Golf 4 meaning it has a torsion beam in the back with an independent front end.

This is usually fine with cars in this price range but it takes away some trunk space and it makes the Polo not as good to drive as its larger siblings.

2018 Volkswagen Polo Presentation


There is no question about the fact the new 2018 Volkswagen Polo is a far better-looking car than its predecessor.

Even though we can still see clear design cues from the ongoing model, it looks like VW wanted to make something that resembles the Golf more.

In the front, the new Polo gets roughly the same type of grille and headlights as the Golf but in the rear, it has all new tail lights which are larger and slightly more expressive than before.

2018-Volkswagen-Polo-4 2018 Volkswagen Polo Review

2018 Volkswagen Polo shown – Source: carmagazine.co.uk

The tailgate opens wider than before and despite having a low profile, the car still offers plenty of visibility with the help of a large rear window and narrow C-pillars.

Volkswagen PoloExterior Dimensions
Height56.91 inches
Length159.54 inches
Wheelbase 100.94 inches

With this model, they also released the GTI which comes with the usual red accents, large 18-inch rims as well as unique front and rear bumpers and a dual-tipped exhaust on the left side of the bumper.

In contrast, the Highline versions get dual-exhausts, one on each side of the bumper, but these are actually fake as there is only one actual exhaust pipe which is a bit sad.

The dashboard also offers a more youthful design than before


Luckily the interior of the 2018 Volkswagen Polo is far more impressive than its exterior. Here it looks like VW really tried to offer the best materials and built quality in its class.

The dashboard also offers a more youthful design than before. This has a two-tone color scheme, which is contrasting the exterior color, and it comes with soft-touch materials on the upper part.

2018-Volkswagen-Polo-4 2018 Volkswagen Polo Review

2018 Volkswagen Polo interior shown – Source: carmagazine.co.uk

All the controls are logically laid out while the infotainment system has been improved from its predecessor.

Also, for the first time, there is an all digital instrument cluster available on some of the range-topping models.

Engine and Specs of 2018 Volkswagen Polo

The base version of the 2018 Volkswagen Polo comes with either a 1.0 liter naturally aspirated inline 3 or with a 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel.

The former is good for 64 or 74 horsepower while the latter will provide up to 79 horsepower.

All the other engines get either a 6-speed manual or a new generation 7 speed DSG which should be far better than the one before it

Both of these come mated only to a 5-speed manual. A 1.0-liter turbo-three with 94 or 113 horsepower or a larger 1.5-liter turbo-four with as much as 148 horsepower are also available.

2018-Volkswagen-Polo-4 2018 Volkswagen Polo Review

2017 Volkswagen Polo Engine shown – Source: indianautosblog.com

The GTI on the other hand gets an even bigger 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which is good for nearly 200 horsepower, a nice improvement over its predecessor.

Volkswagen Polo EngineTransmissionHorsepower
1.6 TDI5-speed gearbox80 PS
1.6 TDI5-speed gearbox / 7-speed DSG95 PS
1.0 MPI5-speed gearbox65 PS
1.0 TSI6-speed gearbox / 7-speed DSG115 PS
2.0 TSI6-speed gearbox / 7-speed DSG200 PS
Natural gas
1.0 TGI5-speed gearbox90 PS

All the other engines get either a 6-speed manual or a new generation 7 speed DSG which should be far better than the one before it.

Release and Price

Unfortunately, at this point, the price of the car is still unknown.

This will be revealed closer to its official release date which will happen at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Although the price is unknown, we can expect a price of $15,500 for a basic model in Europe. For the GTI it should be worth about $23,600.

It is already known that the new Polo will not be able to be bought on the American market.


It is already known that VW Polo is one of the best-selling cars in its class.

The reason is that it offers much more than the competition, for the same or lesser price.

The two biggest rivals are Kia Rio and Ford Fiesta. Below we will compare their prices and functions.

ModelCheapest versionThe most expensive version
Kia Rio$13,800$20,700
Ford Fiesta$13,900$17,400
VW Polo$15,500$23,600

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2018 Volkswagen Polo – so good you don’t need a Golf?

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