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2019 Audi S6 spied

The current S6 is one of the fastest four-door sedans on the market with one of the most restrained looks which makes it quite impressive to look at. However, unfortunately, the current model is getting dated but this was to be expected considering the A6 has been around for a while. Luckily, the car will be replaced with an entirely new vehicle in the near future. With the new model, they will also release the 2019 Audi S6, a brand new high-performance sedan which may easily become the fastest car in its class. 

In Details

So far the details are still scarce but it looks like the new S6 will be lighter, faster and more economical. In order to achieve that, the car will be built on an entirely new platform. The S6 will share its MLB Evo platform with the likes of the new A8 or the Q8. Thanks to the aluminum-intensive structure and carbon fiber components, the car is expected to shed as much as 200 pounds of weight.

2019 Audi S6 Spied Review

The new platform will not only allow the car to be lighter. In fact, the new S6 will also be considerably more structurally sound. This will translate in a stiffer chassis which will be able to provide better NVH levels, a great amount of comfort and a better set of driving characteristics.


2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

Just like with its predecessor, the S6 will continue to offer a bespoke aluminum running gear with adjustable shocks and different springs as well.

The car will also come with far larger brakes than the regular models. Most rumors seem to suggest 370mm rotors in the front and 350mm rotors in the back while also having the option to go for carbon-ceramic brakes.

2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

2019 Audi S6 spied – Source: forums.vwvortex.com


Even though so far Audi didn’t really change their design scheme all that much, this will not be true for the new 2019 Audi S6. The car has already been spied testing and it looks vastly different from its predecessor. In the front, it will have a far wider and slimmer hexagonal grille with the new swept-back headlights.

It will also feature a far more aggressive bumper while on the sides we should see new integrated side-skirts which will make the S6 look lower to the ground. In the rear, it will likely continue the tradition to offer a quad-exhaust system but this has yet to be seen on the prototype.

2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

2019 Audi S6 Spied – Source: 2017releasedate.com


Just like with the rest of their car roster, the 2019 Audi S6 is going to feature a far more minimalist-looking cabin. This will allow Audi to focus on offering the best experience without having to make the driver feel like he doesn’t belong there.

Expect a standard digital driver’s display, a massive wide-screen infotainment system as well as all the best materials Audi has to offer. The S6, being the performance model, will likely receive carbon fiber inserts, Alcantara on the seat’s bolsters and possibility an Alcantara roof upholstery.

2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

2019 Audi S6 interior shown – Source: quattrodaily.com

Engine and Specs

Being powered by a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8, the current car is nothing short of amazing. However, this engine is not particularly efficient and it may feel a bit too sluggish at times due to its unusual positioning of the turbochargers. It looks like the 2019 Audi S6 is going to change that by having a smaller engine.

2018 Audi S6 4.0 TFSI Prestige Specs
EngineTwin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8, 4.0 L
Transmission7-speed automatic S-tronik
Fuel SystemGasoline Direct injection

Even though this sounds unusual, it has been done before with Audi’s own RS5. This new 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine which is expected to power the S6 has been specifically developed by Porsche for their high-performance applications.

This means it should be able to deliver north of 450 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque, more than the older V8, while also using less fuel. So far the specifics of this engine are unknown but there are rumors saying it may provide as much as 500 horsepower.

Like before, as standard the car will come with their great “quattro” all-wheel-drive system. However, instead of the older 8-speed torque converter automatic, the new S6 may receive an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox developed by Porsche.

2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

2012 Audi S6 engine shown – Source: motortrend.com

Price of 2019 Audi S6

The price has yet to be revealed. However, it is safe to assume that these are not going to be cheap. The base model will likely start at over $75,000 with the range-topping versions going for nearly $100,000.

Release date

We expect the Audi A6 to be available on the market in early 2018, and the S6 is likely to come by the end of 2018 or in early 2019.


  • BMW 5-series
  • Cadillac CTS
  • Lexus GS
  • Mercedes-Benz E Class

Colors – 2018 Model

  • Brilliant Black
  • Daytona Gray Pearl Effect
  • Florett Silver Metallic
  • Glacier White Metallic

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2019 Audi S7 Spied Testing at The Nurburgring

2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

2019 Audi S6 spy photo – Source: motor1.com

2019-Audi-S6-Infographic 2019 Audi S6 Release date

Audi S6 Spied – Source: gtspirit.com

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