2019 BMW M8 Review

2019 BMW M8

The first 8 Series that was launched by BMW dates back to 1989. It was the worst time to put your car on the sales list, and the 8 Series didn’t manage to elbow its way through inflation and high fuel prices and throughout the entire 1990s, it was on the margin. In 1999, this model got discontinued, and after two decades, the 8 Series will return together with the M8 model! 2019 BMW M8

2019 BMW M8 Specs

The BMW M8 Coupe has been spotted testing, and we can already conclude that the new model will not be as handsome as the 8 Series concept. In other words, the big vents behind the front fenders will be removed whereas the hood toned down as well as the massive intakes under the headlamps.

The entire car will be less aggressive and what you see on the current BMW models is what you can expect on the new M8. This isn’t necessarily bad, but we just want you to know that nothing radical will come out of the BMW factory.

2019-BMW-M8-2 2019 BMW M8 Review

2019 BMW M8 – Source: autobild.de

The new car will come out with thin vertical slats and wide kidneys for a wide stance. Moreover, the headlights will be thicker than expected, but they will be thinner compared to any other BMW but for the i8. Not much is currently known about the new M8, but based on the spy photos we can conclude that the large scoop behind the front fenders is missing whereas the car will boast beef side skirts and a pair of twin-five spoke rims colored in dark grey, screaming M division.

Comparing with….

The 2019 BMW M8 will be a powerful car. What lies under the hood is an important thing in the least. Comparing this car to the other top-shelf M cars. We believe that the new M8 will be equipped with a twin-turbo V8 and V12. The former will be a 4.4-liter unit, and it will produce almost 600 horsepower. To compete against the Mercedes-AMG S63 that generates 577 stallions.


The latter is expected to be a 6.6-liter twin-turbo, which produces 600 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque in the range-topping 7 Series. We expect the top speed to increase in the M8, while the output could remain unchanged. However, the Mercedes-AMG S65 delivers 621 hp. So it would be surprised if the BMW engineers modified the unit to reach 650 hp.

2019-BMW-M8-2 2019 BMW M8 Review

BMW M550i xDrive engine – Source: bmwblog.com

BMW revealed almost nothing about the M8’s interior, but we can turn to the 8 Series concept for help. The cabin of the concept is a fancy rendition of the ongoing styling language of the company. And it is expected to be toned down on the production model.

The dash is highlighted by premium red stitching on the upper side. And it boasts vertically oriented A/C vents, and the entire dash will be transferred to the production M8 with slight changes only. The instrument cluster is a little wild. And the M8 will come with a more complex display with digital gauges and a bunch of M-specific features.

2019 BMW M8Short Specs
Power600 hp
Torque590 LB-FT
Top Speed250 km/h (155 mph)
0-100 km/h3.9 sec
EngineM Performance TwinPower Turbo technology

Some of the fancy materials are used in the concept. Such as Merino leather in Dark Brown and Fjord White and hand-polished aluminum. The similar treatment is expected for the production M8.


Besides a coupe, there is a high chance that BMW will also launch a drop-top version of the car as well. They need a car which would compete against the Cabriolet variants of the Mercedes-AMG S63 and S65. Should BMW decide to create a convertible version of the M8, it would probably be more expensive than the coupe counterpart.

This means that the M8 convertible would start at more than $170,000 for the V8 version and it would carry a $205,000+ sticker for the V12.

2019-BMW-M8-2 2019 BMW M8 Review

2019 BMW M8 interior – Source: infocars2019.com

Release Date

The 8 Series will make a comeback this year, but since we are interested in the M8, we expect it to follow sometime in 2019. It is still a mystery when this car would arrive, and this is just a prediction. We will inform you as soon as we get concrete information!

2019 BMW M8 Price

Since the new BMW M8 is still covered with camouflage, talking about prices is in vain. What we know for sure is that the new M8 will not be cheap. Currently, the M760i xDrive has the price tag of $156,700, and the M8 could easily exceed that price. Starting approximately at $170,000 for the V8 model and $200,000 for the V12!


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2019 BMW M8 Gran Coupe – BMW FLAGSHIP

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