2019 BMW X2 Review

2019 BMW X2

2018 Detroit Auto Show has surely witnessed some great SUVs presented. One of these is 2019 BMW X2. This SUV has it all. It has very elegant exterior and interior design which was perfectly combined with great equipment package and engine option.

2019 BMW X2 Release date

From the 13th to the 27th January, there was the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, Detroit, the USA. This show was the opportunity for many manufacturers to show their vehicles. One of these was 2019 BMW X2. The market now knows what it looks like and some information regarding its design.

However, there have not been any data regarding the start of the production. The prediction is that this may happen during the middle of 2018. Furthermore, the commencement of the sales is also unknown. But, the estimate is that the sales may begin during 2019.


As always, it is very hard to talk about the prices about the models that have recently began showing in the showrooms around the globe. This is also the case with 2019 BMW X2. We will not know the price lists maybe until the very end of 2018 since the sales may begin even during the middle of 2019.

On the basis of the information form other secondary sources and car experts, there have been a general opinion that the base price of this car will not go under $45000.

2019-BMW-X2-4 2019 BMW X2 Review

2019 BMW X2 – Source: youtube


2019 BMW X2 would have very smooth and aerodynamic lines that would create an effect of elegance and style. This is would be only boosted by the usage of great and powerfully looking wheels.

There would be two versions of wheels available, the ones of 19 inches, 20-inches and the ones of 21 inches. The SUV would be made with standard four doors and a trunk door. The SUV would be perfect both for city driving but also for longer travels since it would be both comfortable and it would have a large cargo area.

2019-BMW-X2-4 2019 BMW X2 Review

2019 BMW X2 – Source: cars.co.za


The interior design of 2019 BMW X2 would have two seat rows for five passengers. It goes without saying that the legroom and headspace will never be put in question since the SUV is very comfortable and spacious. The front seat row would have a lot of settings and features, especially the driver’s seat, that would be able to have different position and heating.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has done a great job in terms of safety and modern technologies since there would be numerous safety options, such as collision alert, park assist, adaptive cruise control etc. Also, the connection to Android and Apple devices would be enabled just like various ports for USB.

2019-BMW-X2-4 2019 BMW X2 Review

2019 BMW X2 Engine and Specs

There are still some doubts regarding the engine choice. Even though it is sure that the manufacturer would surely use reliable and powerful engine choices, we are still in the dark regarding the potential versions of engine choices. However, it is known that the basic engine version would be a 2.0liter engine. This engine would have four cylinders and turbo charging.

The engine would be capable of producing 228 horsepower and using 258 lb-ft of torque. The manufacturer has decided to pair this engine choice to the transmission that would have eight speeds and that would be the automatic one. Furthermore, the SUV would be equipped with the all-wheel driving system. However, there are some announcements that the version with the front-wheel driving system would be also available in the future.

There have been some pieces of information recently that claim that the manufacturer may even offer a 3.0 liter engine that would be capable of providing 340 horsepower. However, there have not been any confirmation regarding this, whatsoever. The speed of the base engine is not in question since it is predicted that less than five seconds would be enough for reaching 60 mph.

2019-BMW-X2-4 2019 BMW X2 Review

2019 BMW X2 – Source: youtube

We are simply led to the conclusion that this would be a great SUV since the manufacturer has really put on a lot of effort not only to make aesthetically pleasing car, but also to make a vehicle that would suffice the standards of all potential buyers in terms of exterior and interior design, equipment options and engine choice.


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  • Galvanic Gold
  • Misano Blue
  • Mediterranean Blue
  • Sunset Orange

2019 BMW X2 xDrive28i Full Look

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