2019 Buick Encore Rumors

2019 Buick Encore

Buick released the Encore a while ago and so far the car didn’t really change much. This is mostly because it was basically just an Opel Mokka with a different badge. Now that GM sold Opel though, it looks like the future for the 2019 Buick Encore is uncertain. There are some rumors out there saying that GM will develop a new model from scratch. This would use the same platform as the Cruze, so it should be a far more refined vehicle than ever before. Thanks to the new platform, the car is likely going to boast a slightly longer wheelbase and a wider track. However, it should be similarly sized which will translate in a far more muscular-looking crossover.

This article is just a rumor!

2019 Buick Encore Rumors and News

The new platform will also come with quite a few improvements over its predecessor. For starters, it will use mostly high strength steel and some aluminum in its structure. This means the car will more rigid than before, so it will provide much better NVH levels as well.

The running gear is also going to change. Some said that this time around, all versions of the Encore will come with an independent suspension setup. This should allow the car to be more comfortable and also slightly better to drive.

2019-Buick-Encore-2 2019 Buick Encore Rumors

2017 Buick Encore – Source: motortrend.com

Engine and Specs

Most rumors seem to suggest the 2019 Buick Encore will share most of its engines with what is currently available on the Cruze or the Malibu. The aging cast-iron 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-four unit is more than likely going to be gone by the time the new Encore will hit the market. Thanks to that, the base engine should be GM’s all-aluminum 1.4-liter turbo-four.

2017 Buick Encore AWDShort Specs
EngineDOHC 16-valve inline-4
Power153 HP
Transmission6-speed automatic
Torque177 lb-ft
Gas Mileage26/31 City/Hwy
Wheelbase100.6 in
Length168.4 in
Width69.9 in
Top Speed120 mph

This is currently good for 153 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque which is more than enough for a light vehicle. The higher-end versions of the Encore might receive GM’s new 1.5-liter turbo-four. This is already in use on the Malibu where it makes a rather impressive 160 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. However, it is known to provide in excess of 180 horsepower, so it remains to be seen what version the Encore will receive.

The biggest change will likely be the addition of a diesel. The 2019 Buick Encore should come equipped with GM’s 1.6-liter turbo-four unit. This tiny diesel is currently good for 137 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque, enough to give it some pulling power.

All engines should use GM’s new 9 speed automatic. This time around, all-wheel drive will likely be available across the range which wasn’t really the case before.

2019-Buick-Encore-2 2019 Buick Encore Rumors

2017 Buick Encore engine – Source: motor1.com

2019 Buick Encore Redesign

The current Encore doesn’t really have much in common with Buick’s other vehicles. The new 2019 Buick Encore, on the other hand, should change all of that. Not only it will likely receive a bulkier look but the car may also boast a far more impressive design in the front.

This should allow the tiny crossover to become a true premium product and no just another rebrand. We can also expect the car to get a far smaller window-line rake while the roof will likely be more SUV-like and less hatch-like.

2019-Buick-Encore-2 2019 Buick Encore Rumors

2017 Buick Encore – Source: caranddriver.com


So far not much has been said about the cabin of the car. Even so, it looks like the Encore will be mostly the same as the Cruze when it comes the overall design. We can expect better materials and some unique switches. However, this is where the differences will likely end.

The big difference between the two will be the available space. It looks like the tiny crossover will offer quite a bit more headroom than its sedan counterpart.

2019-Buick-Encore-2 2019 Buick Encore Rumors

2017 Buick Encore Interior – Source: autoweek.com

Release and Price

Unfortunately, at this point, we still don’t have a confirmation on the release date of the future model. It looks like GM may already be working on a successor behind closed doors. Because of that, they will likely showcase the new car sometime in the future, likely at the start of 2019.

Its price is also going to be quite a bit more different than that of the current model. If the rumors are anything to go by, then we can expect a higher starting price for the future Encore. The car could now start closer to $25,000 which would allow GM to install more kit into the base model.

2019-Buick-Encore-2 2019 Buick Encore Rumors

Buick Encore 2017 – Source: sebarin.club


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