2019 Ford Edge Sport Changes

2019 Ford Edge

2019 Ford Edge Sport has hit the stage in Detroit, and it was its opportunity to show its marvelous design, great equipment and safety packages alongside with its great engine options. All these things have made this SUV very interesting to the general public and dealerships.

2019 Ford Edge Release date

The first public appearance of 2019 Ford Edge Sport took place during the second half of January at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, the USA. This was the opportunity for the dealers and market to see the design and equipment packages of this SUV.

The manufacturer has not provided any information regarding the potential commencement of the sales. But, if we take into account the fact that the production would start in the second half of 2018, the sales will begin probably begin during the first months of 2019.

2019-Ford-Edge-3 2019 Ford Edge Sport Changes

2019 Ford Edge -Source: consumerreports.org


We surely do not have any official prices for 2019 Ford Edge Sport, and the manufacturer would not reveal this data in a couple of months.

However, we know what the SUV looks like, and what are its main characteristics, and this was the reason why some experts gave the prediction that the SUV may cost at about $35000. However, this should be taken only as an assumption.

2019-Ford-Edge-3 2019 Ford Edge Sport Changes

2019 Ford Edge – Source: ford.com


2019 Ford Edge Sport has a great exterior design. This can be seen from the neat and elegant lines that it has and from the headlights and taillights that have been nicely incorporated and that would use the LED technology. Also, the SUV would have four doors and a trunk door.

The trunk area would be also spacious and perfect for longer trips and travels, and even for transportation purposes. The manufacturer has opted for the usage of aluminum wheels with 20 inches.

2019-Ford-Edge-3 2019 Ford Edge Sport Changes

2019 Ford Edge interior – Source: autoguide.com

2019 Ford Edge Interior

The interior design of 2019 Ford Edge Sport would e very elegant and comfortable. Apart from he usage of the leather and other top quality materials, the manufacturer has provided a lot of space in both seat rows for all of the total five passengers. The manufacturer has also provided a new shifter, which would be rotary.

It needs to be stated that this SUV would use a Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies. This would be the first SUV that would use such technology. The point of this technology would be to increase the overall safety conditions of both the vehicle and its passengers. Furthermore, this system would be as a standard version of this model.

Some of the features that this system would offer would be pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, cross traffic alert, blind spot detection, reverse camera, lane keeping system. IN addition to this, there would be auto high-beam headlamps. All these features would be extremely helpful in populated areas where there are a lot of people and traffic.

It also needs to be added that the manufacturer would also provide the adaptive cruise control. One of the features of adaptive cruise control would be centering, i.e. help in determining lane markings. Furthermore, there would be also evasive steering assist which would be very helpful in avoiding crashes and collisions.

Other modern technologies would be also available. This is the reason why there are several USB ports. Furthermore there would also be a Wi-Fi hotspot.

2019-Ford-Edge-3 2019 Ford Edge Sport Changes

2019 Ford Edge engine – Source: newcarsreview.me

Engine and Transmission

The manufacturer has also done a great job in providing a great engine option for 2019 Ford Edge Sport. The base version engine would be a 2.7 liter engine. This would be a standard manufacturer’s EcoBoost engine that would be capable of providing 335 horsepower and using 380 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Ford Edge SE SpecsLet's remember..
EngineIntercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4
Displacement2.0 L
Gas Mileage21/29 City/Hwy MPG
Transmission6-Speed Automatic w/SelectShift -inc

The manufacturer would pair this with the automatic transmission with eight speeds. Furthermore, the manufacturer would pair this with the four-wheel driving system. This engine would be very powerful and this can be seen in the fact that only 5.6 seconds are enough for reaching up to 60 mph, while the maximum speed is predicted at 130 mph.

All in all, 2019 Ford Edge Sport has proved to be a great SUV in every sense of that word: it has the size and reliability alongside with the great engine and equipment packages. There is not any doubt that there would be a lot of demand for this USV on the market.



  • Shadow Black
  • White Gold Metallic
  • White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

2019 Ford Edge ST

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