2019 Ford Focus Release date

2019 Ford Focus

The Focus has to be one of the best selling cars in the World and for a very good reason. It offers the comfort of a larger sedan without any real drawbacks. Sadly the current model was getting dated but it looks like Ford is already well ahead of the curve. Not that long ago we have seen some interesting development prototypes which looked pretty much ready for production. Because of that, it is safe to assume the future 2019 Ford Focus is not that far off. 

2019 Ford Focus Review and Rumors

In fact, if the rumors are anything to go by then we should see the new cars at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. However, the new Focus is going to hit the market later, likely in the mid of 2018. Even so, the wait should still be well worth it considering how big of an upgrade the new Focus will be over its predecessor.

At this point, Ford didn’t really say much about the upcoming Focus. Even so, it looks like most rumors tend to suggest the car is going to use Ford’s highly modular CD4 platform.

This would be a major step up over its predecessor and it should allow Ford to further refine the ride quality as well as the available features on the new car. Sadly the new platform also comes with a few drawbacks.

While it would offer better structural rigidity, and thus better NVH levels, it may be heavier too. Some suggested the Focus will feature more high strength steel in its construction which would solve this issue.

On top of that, the twisted beam rear suspension should be gone. In its place, all versions of the car should now feature a fully independent setup which would make the ride quality that much better.

2019-Ford-Focus-2 2019 Ford Focus Release date

2019 Ford Focus hatchback spied – Source: drivemag.com


There is no doubt about the fact the ongoing version of the car looks good. However, the upcoming 2019 Ford Focus will be even better. For starters, the car is going to feature a new front end with a smaller grille than before and larger headlights.

These will create an unusual contrast over its predecessor but even so, the Focus will remain a good-looking vehicle. On top of that, it looks like a clam-shell hood design will be in place. Over its predecessor, the new car will also feature a sloping roof, a more aggressive rear end and a smaller tailgate.

The latter is likely going to pose a problem for some of its buyers but Ford did the change to maintain the new design scheme.

2019-Ford-Focus-2 2019 Ford Focus Release date

2019 Ford Focus sedan spied – Source: autoguide.com


Even though the manufacturer didn’t reveal the cabin, we managed to see a pretty good shot of it not that long ago. It looks like the future 2019 Ford Focus will be quite similar to the new Fiesta when it comes to the interior layout. The center stack will boast the same type of grilles, AC controls and even the same infotainment system.

The big difference here will be the materials, which will be much nicer on the Focus, as well as the overall layout of the lower part of the dashboard which will be lower and slightly less cluttered on the larger vehicle.

2019-Ford-Focus-2 2019 Ford Focus Release date

2019 Ford Focus interior spy shots – Source: autoevolution.com

Engine and Specs

Chances are the 2019 Ford Focus will only come with turbocharged engines. We hope the base version of the car will get a 1.0 liter turbo-three unit good for around 120 to 140 horsepower and up to 150 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Ford Focus Sedan SShort Specs
EngineRegular Unleaded I-4
Transmission5-Speed Manual
Gas Mileage25/34 mpg City/Hwy
Body Style4dr car

Further up the range we should see Ford’s all new 1.5 liter turbo-three unit which debuted on the new Fiesta ST not that long ago. This engine is known to make around 200 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque, so it would perfectly fit the Focus’ character. The range-topping ST on the other hand is still a mystery.

If the rumors are true then the car may boast over 260 horsepower, a 6 speed manual and all wheel drive. We hope at least two of these will be true.

2019-Ford-Focus-2 2019 Ford Focus Release date

2016 Ford Focus RS – Source: pinterest

Release and Price

Another reason for why the Focus is selling so well is its price. Well, it is safe to assume then that the 2019 Ford Focus is not going to be all that different.

The base version of the car will likely hover around $19,000 with the range-topping ST going for north of $26,000. Even for the price, the Focus will actually remain one of the more affordable vehicles in its class.



  • Magnetic
  • Lightning Blue
  • Oxford White
  • Outrageous Green
  • Hot Pepper Red
  • Blue Metallic
  • Shadow Black
  • White Platinum

Next-Generation 2019 Ford Focus

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