2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2019 Ford Fusion

Ford has officially announced the new 2019 Ford Fusion sedan. This is an important model for the company as it will be the first Ford vehicle that will be sold globally with the Co-Pilot360 as the standard part of the equipment. Besides that, the new Fusion is going to come with improved and more aggressive styling as well as an enhanced all-electric driving range for the PHEV Fusion Energi. The new Ford Fusion debuted at the 2018 New York Auto Show where the spectators had a chance to see all of its improvements.

2019 Ford Fusion Review

“People tell us they are stressed with crowded roads and more distracted drivers and pedestrians. Our Ford Co-Pilot360 with standard automatic emergency braking and other technologies can help them drive more confidently so they can enjoy the journey,” said Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager. 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA

“For our green-minded customers, we’ve amped up our Fusion Energi with a projected increase of nearly 20 percent electric-only driving range.”

2019-Ford-Fusion-2 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2019 Ford Fusion – Source: cnet.com

The new Ford Fusion Energi has the electric-only range of 25 miles according to EPA estimates, which is an improvement of about 20% compared to the 2018 model. Strip down the 2019 Fusion, and you will see a new 9.0-kilowatt-hour air-cooled lithium-ion battery which has a better energy capacity.

Ford has been industrious, and they have gathered data from more than 23,000 customers over several years. According to their estimates, around 80% of the 2019 Ford Fusion buyers will be able to use this vehicle for their daily commute on electricity only, which is an outstanding improvement.

However, this can only come true assuming that the vehicle is fully charged at home and at the workplace. However, this is still a fascinating result, and even without charging your vehicle at work, around 50% of the owners will be able to drive to and from work on electric power.


The cabin of the 2019 model is going to be better than the interior of its predecessor. New technologies are now available, and the experience of the customers will be improved. The entire lineup now comes with Ford Co-Pilot360 Protect driver-assist technologies as we have already mentioned and this will be a standard feature.

Some of the features which fall into this system include blind spot information system, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, a rear backup camera, lake keeping assist, and auto high-beam lighting. However, Ford offers a bunch of other features which are optional, and you can boost your vehicle by adding some of these.

2019-Ford-Fusion-2 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2019 Ford Fusion – Source: autotrader.ca

Meanwhile, design changes are subtle and not much is new. The Ford Fusion remains one of the biggest styling hits among the mainstream cars. This means that the interior will be the same as of the previous car. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.


According to Blue Oval, the buyers can expect “fresh color palettes” inside the car. However, no photos of the interior have been showing yet. Which means that besides new color choices, the cabin will be carried over. For those color options, we will have to wait for the car to hit the market.

2019-Ford-Fusion-2 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2019 Ford Fusion – Source: digitaltrends.com


At this moment Ford is not ready to talk about prices for the new model. However, with the new and improved safety features. The cost of the car is likely to increase compared to the last year’s model. Furthermore, we have to take into consideration that the electric range has improved. But, we don’t expect the price increase to be high.

Release Date

You must be anxious for the new model to go out on sale. Luckily, you will not have to wait for a long time. Because the 2019 Ford Fusion will be at the dealerships by late summer this year.


2019 Ford Fusion – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – Debut at 2018 New York Auto Show

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