2019 Ford GT Price

2019 Ford GT

The GT is Ford’s current flagship which also happens to be their most expensive car to date. The new GT starts at around $450,000 which makes it one of the most expensive cars in the World. This didn’t stop Ford in selling most of them though. If you want one, there is a rather extensive process to get it and even then, the chances of actually getting one of the 1,000 units Ford has planned is slim. For 2018 Ford announced a small revision which will include a special edition of the car. So far they haven’t said much about the upcoming 2019 Ford GT though. Even so, just like with most other manufacturers, it is safe to assume that Ford will, in fact, do something special closer to the end of its production.

2019 Ford GT Review and Rumors

The base car will remain mostly the same as before. We expect it to boast the same running gear, engine, and even the same carbon fiber tub. The big difference will likely come in its looks and possibly in its aerodynamic package.

The new GT will continue to use the same really aggressive styling which so far worked wonders for Ford. There are some drawbacks though. For starters, the ordering process is a bit much, even for an exotic super-car. This being a car made by Ford, the chances are some will lose interest.

There are some rumors out there saying that the revised 2019 Ford GT won’t have this process anymore. Unfortunately these are still unconfirmed but even so, it gives people hope that they might be allowed to buy one.

2019-Ford-GT-2 2019 Ford GT Price

Ford GT shown – Source: carscoops.com


Even for someone isn’t a car enthusiast, the GT looks like a really mean machine. Well, it seems like the future GT will be even better. For starters, this generation of the car could receive a more aggressive aerodynamic package. Some said that Ford might take as inspiration their GTE racer which has been quite successful so far.

With this in mind, the new GT might receive fixed aerodynamic touches. This would likely allow Ford to ditch quite a bit of weight while offering a much faster car.

The drawback of this would be the fact that the car would likely lose some top speed. Even so, the GT will likely remain one of the fastest cars out there so this shouldn’t impact its performance by much.

2019-Ford-GT-2 2019 Ford GT Price

Ford GT – Source: fordgt.com


Unlike many other super-cars, the GT’s cabin is not exactly high end. The instrument cluster is quite basic in design while the infotainment system isn’t that impressive either.

Even so, both of them are easy to use and respond well to input. On top of that, the switches are amazing when compared to some other cars from the same class. The upcoming 2019 Ford GT might come with small improvements.

For example, we expect the new car to feature a different set of materials for the entire interior. Things like real leather or contrasting stitching which are not available at this point.

2019-Ford-GT-2 2019 Ford GT Price

2017 Ford GT interior – Source: motortrend.com

Engine and Specs

The 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 is likely going to remain mostly unchanged. This is still one of the most powerful V6 engines ever made. With a current output of 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque, it managed to outperform some rather large V8 and V12 engines.

2017 Ford GTShort Specs
Enginetwin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6
Displacement213 cu in
Power647 hp
Torque550 lb-ft
Transmission7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode
Gas Mileage11/18 mpg City/Hwy
0-100 MPH5.7 sec
Top Speed216 mph

The 2019 version of the car might get a slightly tuned version of the same engine. Some said that Ford may crank up the power close to 700 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. While this is still just a rumor, if it will happen then the new GT will become one of the fastest cars ever made by an American manufacturer.

The rear wheel drive system, the lack of an electric motor and even the 7 speed dual-clutch gearbox are likely not going to change. We do hope Ford will revise the traction control in order to make the car more raw but this will remain to be seen.

2019-Ford-GT-2 2019 Ford GT Price

Ford GT Engine – Source: motortrend.com

2019 Ford GT Release and Price

By the looks of it, the upcoming 2019 GT might hit Ford’s showrooms close to the end of 2019. This would mean Ford will build just 250 to 500 units of this revised car.

Because of that, it is safe to assume the price will increase. While we don’t know yet by how much, chances are the car will hit $500,000.

2019-Ford-GT-2 2019 Ford GT Price

Ford GT – Source: motor1.com


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