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2019 Honda Accord Type R

Honda released a new generation of the Accord a little while ago. The car is an entirely new model which has very little in common with its predecessor. It is slightly shorter than before but it features a longer wheelbase and it is quite a bit wider as well. The end result is more cabin space while also being easier to drive. While the car is definitely better than before, it still isn’t perfect. It looks like the manufacturer is about to release a small update on the future 2019 Honda Accord. This will likely include some changes inside the cabin as well as the addition of a new model. The latter is more than likely going to be the highly anticipated Type-R Accord. There have been rumors about this car for more than 5 years now but it looks like we are finally going to receive it.

This article is just a rumor!


Unlike its predecessor, the new model is using Honda’s all-new modular architecture which it shares with the Civic. This front wheel drive modular design allowed them to shave quite a bit of weight from the car as well as give it a more capable running gear.

The NVH levels also improved by a considerable margin while the car’s structural rigidity is far better than before.

This translates in a better ride quality as well as better crash protection. Some said that the car’s Civic-based platform would be a downgrade from its predecessor.

Luckily this is not really the case. Instead, the 2019 Honda Accord is a better car than before in pretty much every way with the only exception being under the hood but more on that later.

2019-Honda-Accord-2 2019 Honda Accord Price

2017 Honda Accord V6 Coupe – Source: autoweek.com

2019 Honda Accord Redesign

As they released the current model a few months ago, the base version of the upcoming 2019 Honda Accord is likely going to remain mostly the same. However, the Type R will change quite a bit more. This should include aggressive styling cues in a similar fashion to the Type R Civic.

2018 Honda Accord Sedan CVT LXExterior Dimensions
Height57.1 in
Track Width63.in
Length192.2 in
Whelbase111.4 in
Width Max - mirrors73.3

Expect a much more aggressive front bumper with larger air intakes, possibly a center-mounted exhaust, new side-skirts, likely a small rear wing as well as new 19 to 20 inch rims wrapped in performance tires.

The car is also likely going to make use of better Brembo brakes, both in the front and at the back.

2019-Honda-Accord-2 2019 Honda Accord Price

2018 Honda Accord Sport – Source: autoguide.com


The only real problem with the interior of the current Accord is likely the slightly hard to read instrument cluster. Chances are the future 2019 Honda Accord is going to change that with a slightly better version of it.

We can expect a higher resolution screen as well as likely a new driver’s display. The infotainment system, great front and rear seats as well as the better than average materials will stay.

The rumored Type R is likely going to include different front seats, more similar to those on the Civic, as well as a sportier flat-bottom steering wheel. We can also expect contrasting stitching as well as aluminum inserts throughout the cabin.

2019-Honda-Accord-2 2019 Honda Accord Price

2019 Honda Accord sport interior – Source: sebarin.club

Engine and Specs

The base model will continue to use a 1.5 liter turbo-four with 192 horsepower while the more premium versions will get a 2.0 liter engine. This one will make 252 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque which is quite impressive. The rumored Type R on the other hand would only make use of the latter engine.

However, in this particular trim the engine is likely going to offer in excess of 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. All that power might be routed to all four wheels in this particular version.

While the details are still scarce, this move would make sense considering the Civic is about to receive a similar system. A 6 speed manual is quite possible but a 10 speed automatic is unfortunately more likely.

2019-Honda-Accord-2 2019 Honda Accord Price

2018 Honda Accord engine – Source: motortrend.com

2019 Honda Accord Release and Price

Considering the past, it is safe to assume Honda will release the upcoming Accord in the upcoming months. They should release the car on the market by the end of next year. Its price is likely not going to change all that much.

2018 ModelMSRP
Nissan Altima$23,200
Honda Accord$23,600
Subaru Legacy$22,200
Toyota Camry$23,500
Hyundai Sonata$22,000
Chevrolet Malibu$21,700

The rumored Type R on the other hand might cost quite a bit more than some said though. Early rumors are saying in excess of $40,000 which is considerably more than its main rivals.

2019-Honda-Accord-2 2019 Honda Accord Price

2016 Honda Accord Touring – Source: pinterest


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