2019 Honda Clarity Electric

2019 Honda Clarity

Honda revealed the new Clarity back in 2016 and so far they started the deliveries for the fuel-cell hybrid version of the car. However, on top of the hydrogen-powered car, Honda also released two other versions of the car. There is a regular hybrid as well as a fully electric version. Both of these are quite impressive for the price but none of them is really exceptional. It looks like in order to change that, Honda may release a new version soon enough. The update should come with the upcoming 2019 Honda Clarity which should boast a few upgrades over its predecessor. 

2019 Honda Clarity Review

Most of these will likely happen under the skin as Honda is always trying to improve their niche vehicles. We do hope that by doing this, Honda will finally have a reliable alternative to all the regular electric cars out there.

Just like with their all other cars, the Clarity uses Honda’s fully modular architecture which also underpins most of their regular cars. This assures the Clarity boasts a rather impressive crash protection as well as great NVH levels.

This also allowed Honda to keep the weight relatively down with the hydrogen model weighing in at just around 4,100 pounds which is quite a bit better than one would expect. The 2019 model will likely come with an even lower weight thanks to a new fuel cell.

However, this has yet to be confirmed but it looks like it will more than likely happen. The regular EV version of the car may also become lighter thanks to a higher density battery-pack.

2019-Honda-Clarity-2 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity EV – Source: slashgear.com


As before, the 2019 Honda Clarity will look on par with the most impressive sedans on the market. Unlike most other hybrids, the car features a rather striking look which quite a few people seem to love. The car features a really subtle grille, slim headlights, L-shaped fog-lamps which really elevate the look as well as a rather aggressive splitter.

For 2019 Honda will likely install new wheels and they might offer a few new color schemes which would further allow the driver to customize the experience.

2019-Honda-Clarity-2 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity Tokyo Motor Show – Source: carmagazine.co.uk


Considering how new the car is, its cabin is unlikely going to change all that much. In fact, the Clarity has one of the best interiors in its class and this is especially true for the regular hybrid and for the EV versions of the car.

These come with great materials, a great driving position and plenty of kit for the money.

The only real letdown has to be the infotainment system which is slow and not that easy to use, especially for the driver which has to actively look at it in order to use it. We do hope this will change in the future, especially since this isn’t really a problem on any of its rivals.

2019-Honda-Clarity-2 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Interior – Source: insideevs.com

Engine and Specs

The fuel-cell version of the 2019 Honda Clarity will likely continue to use the same 174 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque electric motor as before. This will drive the front wheels via a one speed gearbox which is actually one of the quietest we’ve heard.

The engine will be powered by large hydrogen fuel-cell which should be quite a bit lighter than before. The EV version of the car will use a really similar setup.

However, instead of the fuel cell, the car will use a new battery pack which should now give it closer to 100 miles of range. This would finally make the Clarity a worthy competitor for all the other new electric cars out there.

The hybrid is likely going to carry over unchanged, especially since there is really nothing wrong with it. We do hope some fuel consumption improvements will be made but this is still highly unlikely.

2019-Honda-Clarity-2 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell – Source: greencarreports.com

Release and Price

So far things are unclear but it looks like the 2019 Honda Clarity may hit the market somewhere around the end of 2019. The car’s price is likely not going to change much. The hydrogen version should still cost well over $50,000 while the electric model should now start under $35,000.

The big change will be the fact that the electric model will now be available in more markets than before. The hybrid should be available across America and it should cost less than $30,000.

2019-Honda-Clarity-2 2019 Honda Clarity Electric

2019 Honda Clarity – Source: carscoops.com


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