2019 Honda HR-V Redesign

2019 Honda HR-V

Released in 2014, the current HR-V is not exactly what we would call an old car. However, it still isn’t as up-to-date as it should. This is mostly due to the fact the car is basically a Vezel, a car which has been around for slightly longer than that. However, it looks like in order to get back on track, Honda will release a rather large update for the HR-V. The details about this are still scarce but it looks like the new HR-V will be more efficient, better to drive and likely less unusually-looking than before. So far it looks like the car will hit the market with the future 2019 Honda HR-V. As before, the car is more than likely going to share most everything with the Vezel. While some suggested this would be an entirely new model, we wouldn’t be so sure about it.

2019 Honda HR-V Review

Considering the update is set to come roughly 4 years after its initial release, it is likely the new HR-V will be nothing more than a mid-life facelift. What do you think about the new 2019 Tucson?

This means the car’s platform, its wheelbase, most of the running gear and likely most of its design scheme won’t change all that much. Even so, the car should still be able to improve quite a bit over its predecessor.

For starters, we can expect better NVH levels thanks to more sound insulation. Also, Honda is likely going to tweak the running gear in order to make the HR-V a bit more responding to driver’s input.

The only other real drawback we see now with the car would be its brakes which are average at best. Some suggested these will improve but we find this quite unlikely to happen.

2019-Honda-HR-V-2 2019 Honda HR-V Redesign

2018 Honda HR-V – Source: caradvice.com.au


As this will be a mid-life facelift, the cabin of the car is not going to change all that much. The overall layout of the dashboard will remain the same as before.

However, the touch-based climate controls, as well as the touch-only infotainment system, are likely going to be gone. In their place, Honda is expected to add a few physical buttons which would make things quite a bit easier for the driver.

On top of that, the 2019 Honda HR-V is also likely going to sports Honda’s all-new digital instrument cluster as well as their faster infotainment hardware which proved its worth on the new Civic.

Unfortunately, there won’t be more available space but this shouldn’t really be a problem as the HR-V is already one of the more comfortable cars in its class.

2019-Honda-HR-V-2 2019 Honda HR-V Redesign

2017 Honda HR-V interior shown – Source: motortrend.com


This is another section where Honda could improve things slightly. The 2019 Honda HR-V should boast a different front end, more similar to that of its larger sibling, the CR-V.

2018 Honda HR-VExterior dimensions
Wheelbase102.8 in
Height63.2 in
Length169.1 in
Width max69.8 in
Track Width Rear60.6 in
Track Width Front60.4 in

This means the car will get a smaller grille, likely new headlights with a more expressive design as well as a new bumper.

Its rear end might also get a less-cluttered design with a cleaner-looking bumper but this has yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer.

2019-Honda-HR-V-2 2019 Honda HR-V Redesign

2016 Honda HR-V VTi-L – Source: practicalmotoring.com.au

Engine and Specs

The current car is available with a range of naturally aspirated engines which are average at best. The upcoming HR-V will change that. For starters, it is quite possible for the car to receive all turbocharged power.

Honda already has a small-displacement turbo-three engine which is capable of around 120 horsepower and 120 lb-ft of torque.

Honda HR-V 2018 2WD Manual LX Fuel Economy
Fuel Tank Capacity, (gal)13.2
Fuel Economy Est-Combined mpg
City mpg25
Hwy mpg33

This would be more than enough to power the HR-V on the European markets where bigger engines are usually not as popular.

2019-Honda-HR-V-2 2019 Honda HR-V Redesign

2017 Honda HR-V Engine – Source: shinglespringshonda.com

The US version of the car might ditch its old 1.8-liter engine in the favor of a smaller 1.5-liter turbocharged unit. This could provide closer to 180 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque.

This considerable bump in power should allow the HR-V to easily outrun most of its rivals while also being more efficient than its predecessor. Unfortunately, the dreadful CVT gearbox is likely here to stay but the 6-speed manual should still be an option for those who want it.

2019-Honda-HR-V-2 2019 Honda HR-V Redesign

2017 Honda HR-V engine – Source: trucktrend.com

Release and Price

The upcoming 2019 Honda HR-V will most likely hit the market close to the end of 2018. However, Honda should still reveal the car months in advance. Its price is not going to change all that much.

The base model should still cost less than $21,000 which makes it one of the cheaper crossovers out there.



  • Modern Steel
  • Lunar Silver
  • White Orchard
  • Aegean Blue Metallic
  • Misty Green
  • Mulberry
  • Milano Red
  • Crystal Black

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