2019 Honda Odyssey Release date

2019 Honda Odyssey

The Odyssey is a minivan which Honda has been selling on the US market for well over a decade now. The car managed to make a reputation for itself with more than 90% of its buyers thinking the car is well above the average of its class. So far it has been one of the better selling minivans on the US market and we doubt this will change anytime soon. Not that long ago Honda released a new version for the car which is quite a bit better than its predecessor. Even so, it looks like the car will receive a small update with the 2019 Honda Odyssey. The changes won’t be as extreme, but they will allow the Odyssey to truly become the best in its class.

Review and Rumors

Unlike their other new cars, the Odyssey is based on roughly the same platform as before. This means it shares the same 118.1 inches wheelbase with its predecessor. This is where the similarities stop though. The new model is longer, wider and lower and it features all new materials.

Unlike its predecessor, Honda used quite a bit of high strength steel, magnesium, and aluminum. This allowed them to lower the weight by around 75 pounds. However, the structural rigidity increased by more than 40% which is the real improvement here.

Thanks to this, the car is safer in the case of a crash as well as better to drive. The NVH levels are also lower which translates in a more comfortable minivan than ever before.

2019-Honda-Odyssey-2 2019 Honda Odyssey Release date

2018 Honda Odyssey – Source: caranddriver.com

2019 Honda Odyssey Redesign

We expect the 2019 Honda Odyssey to be mostly identical to the newly released car. It will continue to use the same type of grille and swept back headlights and it should still retain the sculpted look. Some said that the 2019 model might receive a sports version.

Even though Honda didn’t confirm anything up until now, if this will happen then the Odyssey will become one of the more interesting minivans around. The only real drawback we see with its exterior is the unusual shaped glasshouse. This does offer more visibility to the rear passengers but it makes the car look a bit too bulky.

2019-Honda-Odyssey-2 2019 Honda Odyssey Release date

2018 Honda Odyssey – Source: autoweek.com


One of the defining traits of the 2019 Honda Odyssey is going to be its cabin. Even though it still is a minivan, somehow Honda managed to offer a really interesting interior.

For starters, the car will continue to offer 7 or 8 seats and it will do it in a really impressive manner. For this model Honda is going to use a modular seating design which will allow the driver to move the middle seats to its own liking.

On top of that, just like with its predecessor, they will continue to offer the modular vacuum cleaner which has been a defining feature for a while now. Over the current version we only hope Honda will provide a better infotainment system.

2019-Honda-Odyssey-2 2019 Honda Odyssey Release date

2018 Honda Odyssey – Source: automobilemag.com

Engine and Specs

The 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 will likely continue to power the 2019 Honda Odyssey. This fully aluminum engine is currently capable of 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque and it is basically the same unit as the one in the Pilot. There have been some rumors saying that Honda may improve this engine.

2018 Honda Odyssey EliteShort Specs
Engine TypeV6
Horsepower280 hp
Torque262 lb-ft
Transmission10-Speed Automatic
Valve Train24-Valve SOHC i-VTEC

With this update, the V6 might be able to provide closer to 300 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. They will likely achieve this with the help of lower friction internals, a different engine management software and possibly a new exhaust. The current 9 speed automatic is also expected to be gone.

This ZF gearbox has been a rather big disappointment as it is inferior to Honda’s 10 speed in every way. The upcoming Odyssey will more than likely feature, as standard, their 10 speed automatic which is a far better transmission. We hope that the new Odyssey will have a hybrid version. We are left to wait for official information.

2019-Honda-Odyssey-2 2019 Honda Odyssey Release date

2018 Honda Odyssey engine – Source: motortrend.com

2019 Honda Odyssey Release and Price

The new model is already available for sale in most Honda’s dealerships. The future 2019 Honda Odyssey will likely hit the market sometime in the early 2018. Its price shouldn’t change over what it currently costs.

The base model should still be around $31,000 which is not the least it could be. However, for the price the Odyssey comes with more gear than its rivals, so the value for money is actually better than many of its rivals.

2019-Honda-Odyssey-2 2019 Honda Odyssey Release date

2018 Honda Odyssey rear cargo area shown – Source: motortrend.com


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