2019 Lexus ES Spied

2019 Lexus ES spied

The ES is a mid-size luxury car which has been around for nearly three decades now. However, there have been some rumors recently suggesting the car was going to be discontinued. Luckily, this is not really the case. In fact, it looks like the future 2019 Lexus ES may also replace Lexus’ own GS. While this may sound surprising, the ES sold considerably better than its sibling and Lexus could easily replace their GS sedan with a high-performance version of the ES. 


So far the details are still scarce about the new vehicle. However, it is safe to assume the car will be based on Toyota’s brand new TNGA modular architecture which also underpins the new Camry. The ES is expected to be considerably lighter than before and also safer. The early reports also suggest a better set of driving characteristics and better NVH levels which are all great for its future buyers.

2019 Lexus ES Redesign

Even though so far Lexus decided to not say all that much about this future model, the car has been spied numerous times by now. From the latest spy shots, it is quite clear that it will be bigger than its predecessor

Thanks to a picture that showcased the current ES alongside the future model, it is quite clear the wheelbase will be at least 2.0 inches longer than that of its predecessor.

On top of that, the car also seems to feature a wider wheel track which will allow it to be better to drive without having to compromise on the comfort of its passengers.

2019-Lexus-ES-Spied-6 2019 Lexus ES Spied

2019 Lexus ES Spied – Source: motor1.com

Even though it will be wider, and likely longer, the new 2019 Lexus ES will also be lower. This is a rather interesting turn of events, especially since many were saying it won’t. The lower car likely means a more performance-oriented vehicle but more on that later.

Spied – Lexus 350?

From the spy shots, we talked about earlier we can also get a pretty good idea of how the 2019 Lexus ES is going to look like. While the current car basically looks like an Avalon with a different front end, this is not really the case with the new vehicle.

The car seems to boost Lexus’ all-new spindle-grille, slimmer headlights which this time around seem to touch the grille, a new lower splitter, wider side skirts, new mirrors which have been moved on the doors as well as a roof-line similar to that of a coupe.  The end result is a car that now looks not only more expensive but also sportier than ever before

2019-Lexus-ES-Spied-6 2019 Lexus ES Spied

2019 Lexus ES Spied – Source: youtube

Take a look at the previous version while we wait for the 2019 Lexus ES


It is safe to assume the cabin of the 2019 Lexus ES will not be as different from that of the current model as we first thought.

Instead, the car is more than likely going to share quite a few design cues with the LS which will allow Lexus to raise the bar in their class.

2019-Lexus-ES-Spied-6 2019 Lexus ES Spied

2018 Lexus ES – Source: lexus.com

Expect a larger infotainment screen, a fully digital instrument cluster, better materials and a lower driving position.

The latter will also mean the passengers will get more headroom which will be great considering the car will actually be lower than its predecessor.

Engine and Specs of 2019 Lexus ES

Depending on the market it’s being sold in, there are up to four different engine choices on the ES. However, the new 2019 Lexus ES will change all of that. The new car is expected to receive just three different engines.

2018 Lexus ES FWD 350Short Specs
EngineRegular Unleaded V-6
Body Style4dr car
Gas Mileage21/30 mpg City/Hwy

The most basic model, which will likely not be available in the US, may receive a 2.0-liter turbo-four with as much as 250 horsepower and over 250 lb-ft of torque.

Further up the range the car should receive a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 with up to 300 horsepower and over 260 lb-ft of torque.

2019-Lexus-ES-Spied-6 2019 Lexus ES Spied

2013 Lexus ES 350 engine – Source: motortrend.com

Both of these are expected to be mated to a new transmission. Which will be faster and more responsive than the old 6 speed automatic.

The third choice will likely be a hybrid which should easily provide more than 200 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque while being more efficient than its predecessor.

Release date and Price

Its release date has yet to be revealed for now. However, it is safe to assume the car will be out by the end of the year.

Let's compareMSRP From
2018 Buick Lacrosse$29,600
2017 Acura RLX$54,500
2018 Volvo S90$48,200
2017 Lincoln MKZ$35,200
2017 Kia Cadenza$32,000
2018 Lexus ES $39,000

Its price should be set at roughly the same level as that of its predecessor. The big change will only come with the higher end models which are bound to get more expensive.

2019-Lexus-ES-Spied-6 2019 Lexus ES Spied

2019 Lexus ES Spied – Source: vwvortex.com


2017 Lexus ES 350 – Exterior And Interior Walkaround

2019-Lexus-ES-Spied-6 2019 Lexus ES Spied

2018 Lexus ES – Source: thecarconnection.com

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