2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2019 Toyota Avalon

The current Avalon is Toyota’s flagship sedan on the US market. Even though the car is quite old at this point, is based on a relatively old platform, it still is quite capable. It features plenty of kit for the money and it drives relatively well. However, it is far from perfect. In order to change that, the manufacturer will release a new version with the future 2019 Toyota Avalon. While they haven’t released any official details about it, we were able to see the camouflaged test mule a few times now. It looks like the car will be larger and more imposing than before. It should also be considerably more efficient, but more on that a bit later.

2019 Toyota Avalon Review

One of the biggest chances to happen to the new Avalon will be the car’s brand new platform. Even though still not official, we are quite sure the car will use Toyota’s all-new highly modular TNGA architecture. This modular platform should allow the car to be lighter while also being more structurally sound. New Kuga 2019 is coming!

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2019 Toyota Avalon at Detroit auto show – Source: cars.com

The latter will translate in better NVH levels as well as a better set of driving characteristics. Some said there might be drawbacks with the new platform such as an inferior running gear. However, Toyota showcased that this is not really the case.

The Avalon will continue to offer a fully independent suspension setup which will allow the driver to be in control while also not ruining the drive quality. As before, the car will remain front wheel drive but it looks like the wheelbase might increase slightly.

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2019 Toyota Avalon Spy photo – autoevolution.com


With the current model sporting a relatively minimalist interior, most rumors seemed to suggest the future Avalon will change that. However, we doubt Toyota will do any major changes to the car’s interior. Instead, we can expect the upcoming 2019 Toyota Avalon to feature an evolution of what the current car has to offer.

The center stack will likely be slightly curvier and less vertical than before while the instrument cluster should now be fully digital.

On top of that, the car should boast a new steering wheel, a higher end infotainment system as well as new physical buttons that will be easier to use while driving. Thanks to the added wheelbase, the car should also feature slightly more legroom than before.

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2017 Toyota Avalon interior – Source: youtube


Even though it was heavily camouflaged, we were able to notice the new shape Toyota is going for with the upcoming Avalon. It looks like the car will be slightly longer and wider than before but it will be just as tall.

2018 Toyota AvalonExterior Dimensions
Wheelbase111 in
Width max72.2 in
Track Width62.2
Length195.3 in
Height57.5 in
Ground Clearance5.5 in

This means it will still look slightly sportier which is what Toyota wants.

The wheels seem to be pushed towards the car’s corners which definitely makes the 2019 Toyota Avalon look a lot more like a limousine. The new raked roof as well as the car’s slightly shorter rear end definitely add to the car’s aggressive behavior.

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2019 Toyota Avalon Spied – Source: autoevolution.com

Engine and Specs

So far the car has been available with either a 2.5 or with a 3.5 liter engine. Both of these are naturally aspirated mills and both of them are right about average when it comes to power and fuel consumption.

The upcoming 2019 Toyota Avalon will likely receive two all new engines.

The base version of the car should make use of a new generation 1.5 liter turbo-three which should deliver right around 180 to 200 horsepower and as much as 200 lb-ft of torque.

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2017 Toyota Avalon Limited Engine – Source: motortrend.com

The higher end versions will likely come equipped with a 2.0 liter turbo-four with anything from 200 to 300 horsepower and up to 300 lb-ft of torque.

Like before, the car will likely come equipped only with an automatic gearbox, possibly an 8 speed this time around, and likely front wheel drive.

Some also said an all wheel drive system might come at a later date on a hybrid version. A higher end engine is unlikely even though we would love to see a twin-turbo V6 on the car.

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

TNGA platform-based 2019 Toyota Avalon –
Source: indianautosblog.com

Release and Price

Unfortunately it still is unclear as to when Toyota will release the new car. Most rumors seem to suggest the 2019 Toyota Avalon will hit the showroom’s floor at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

Its price shouldn’t change all that much. The base model should still cost right around $34,000 with the higher end versions going well past that.

2019-Toyota-Avalon-2-1 2019 Toyota Avalon Redesign

2019 Toyota Avalon Spy shots – Source: clublexus.com


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