2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

2019 Toyota Hilux

Toyota released the 8th generation of the Hilux back in 2015 and since then the truck has been a major success. Nearly 3 years since its release it looks like the manufacturer might be ready to release an update. So far the details are still scarce but it looks like they will release the new truck with the future 2019 Toyota Hilux. This should be the truck’s first mid-life facelift and likely its only one. For now, we expect quite a few design changes, likely some interior upgrades and possibly a few changes under the hood. The end result should be an easier to live with the truck that will be able to carry just as much as before while also being more efficient.

2019 Toyota Hilux Review and Rumors

How is Toyota exactly going to achieve all of that? Well, it is likely for the 2019 Hilux to feature an improved chassis. Unlike some of its rivals, the truck is not sporting a fully boxed in the frame which hurts its structural rigidity but it allows it to be lighter. Some seem to think the upcoming model will change that by featuring the boxed in the frame.

The suspension geometry will remain the same as before, so we can still expect a live rear axle which will assure the Hilux will be able to go pretty much anywhere. The big change will be its brakes though.

Instead of the regular drum brakes, the truck used so far, the new model is more than likely going to switch to brake rotors. These will be easier to maintain as well as quite a bit better in terms of heat dissipation.

2019-Toyota-Hilux-4 2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

2017 Toyota Hilux TRD Pack shown – Source: carscoops.com

Engine and Specs

Depending on the market it’s being sold in, the Hilux is available with quite a few different engines. This time around Toyota might make a few changes though. For starters, the old 2.0, 2.7 and 4.0-liter engines might be discontinued altogether. In their place, Toyota could offer just two gasoline engines.

There might be one of their new generation 2.0 liter turbo-four engines which would replace the first two. The higher-end versions of the truck should make use of a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6.

This would be able to provide more power and torque for better fuel economy. In terms of diesel engines, not much will change with the new 2019 Toyota Hilux. Most markets are still going to receive either the 2.4 or the 2.8 liters turbo-four engines. These are new generation mills which are capable of nearly 180 horsepower and well over 300 lb-ft of torque.

Some markets, where emissions aren’t a huge issue, will receive either a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel or a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel. These two engines will offer up to 163 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. While down on power, both of them are known to be some of the most reliable engines ever made.

2019-Toyota-Hilux-4 2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

2017 Toyota Hilux Engine – Source: carsworldinfo.com

2019 Toyota Hilux Redesign

The exterior of the 2019 Toyota Hilux will likely get quite a few more design notes from Toyota’s current crossovers. We can expect a less SUV-like appearance in the front and instead we should see a more angular design which would give the Hilux a really nice boost to its looks.

We should see a new bumper with larger air intakes, likely slimmer and more swept-back headlights as well as a completely different grille. The tail lights could change as well but the big changes will happen in the front.

2019-Toyota-Hilux-4 2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

2016 Toyota Hilux SR – Source: performance drive.com.au


There is no denial about the fact the Hilux is one of the better trucks on the market when it comes to its cabin. Well, the 2019 model is likely going to be no exception. The truck will likely make use of a larger and faster infotainment screen than before.

It should also make use of a slightly different steering wheel which will definitely elevate the way the cabin looks. We also hope Toyota will start using slightly better materials but this remains to be seen.

2019-Toyota-Hilux-4 2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

2017 Toyota Hilux Interior – Source: bisnis2018.clun

Release and Price

As Toyota release the previous model in 2015, it is safe to assume they will release the 2019 Toyota Hilux in the early part of 2018.

So far the price is still unknown but we can expect the truck to be priced similarly to its predecessor. The only real changes will likely happen with the specialty models but more on that a bit later.

2019-Toyota-Hilux-4 2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper – Source: hiconsumption.com


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2019-Toyota-Hilux-4 2019 Toyota Hilux Rumors

Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept – Source: motorauthority.com

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