2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Price

The Volkswagen T-Cross is the vehicle in the VW lineup based on the Polo and thanks to the new spy photos, we know what we can expect from the new model. VW tested the T-Cross at the Nurburgring, and the test mule was wearing heavy camouflage intended to cover the front and the rear end of the car. Without further ado, let’s check out what the 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross will be like.

2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Redesign

In its core, the T-Cross model is basically a Polo disguised in a crossover body. And the new model is not going to change our views of the T-Cross. Belonging to the category of small crossovers, the new model that comes out of the Volkswagen factory has a lot of styling cues taken from the big brother, the T-Roc. 2019 McLaren 600LT

It is hard to conclude what the front and the rear end are going to look like due to camouflage that obviously served its purpose. What we know for sure is that the new T-Cross is going to be equipped with the rectangular lights at the front end, but we cannot be 100% sure whether these are the production units. Either way, they differ from the ones found on the T-Roc, which matters.

2019-Volkswagen-T-Cross-2 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Price

2019 Volkswagen T-Cross – Source: autoevolution.com


Volkswagen is going to offer a wide array of engines for the 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross. The base unit is going to be a 1.0-liter TSI that delivers 108 horsepower. What is possible is that the German manufacturer is going to offer the similar displacement unit with 93 hp as well as the 1.2-liter engine that generates 88 hp.

If you are looking for extra power, perhaps, you should go with a 1.4-liter TSI unit good for 147. At the top of the range sits a 1.8-liter TSI which delivers 189 horsepower, more than enough for the T-Cross.

2019-Volkswagen-T-Cross-2 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Price

2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Spied – Source: autoevolution.com

Front-wheel drive is going to be a standard configuration, but Volkswagen will most likely offer a four-wheel drive option with the 4Motion system. No matter of the approach the Volkswagen takes, the 2019 T-Cross is targeting masses.


It is too early to talk about the interior, and the photographers didn’t have a chance to get close to the vehicle and take a few shots of the interior. At this point, we can only speculate based on what we know. And what we do know is that the T-Cross and the Volkswagen Polo are similar, which means that the cabin of the new T-Cross will not drift too far away from the one in the Polo.

Considering that the 2018 VW T-Cross is going to compete in the small crossover market, it is expected that Volkswagen puts style over function. The new vehicle will be offered in different trim options, for sure and it will boast some features such as an all-digital display.

2019-Volkswagen-T-Cross-2 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross Price

2019 Volkswagen T-Cross interior – Source: carwale.com

Price 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross

The new Volkswagen T-Cross is going to be an entry-level model, and such prices will be offered. Considering that the T-Cross is still far away from hitting the streets, we will have to wait for the official pricing list to be announced. However, this doesn’t mean that we do not have a clue of what to expect. All we have to do is look at some other VW cars.

The Volkswagen Polo starts at around $16,000 whereas the opening price for the Tiguan is $24,850. The 2019 T-Cross is going to be somewhere in the middle, meaning that the base car will start at around $18,000. Also, the top-spec variant of the T-Cross could cost more than the Tiguan.

Release Date

We are not sure when the 2019 Volkswagen T-Cross is going to be introduced, but it will go on sale sometime next year. Still, follow us for more details.


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