2021 BMW M2 Rumors

2021 BMW M2

BMW is preparing a new version of the M2 that will be even hotter. In fact, two vehicles will
debut – the M2 CS and the M2 CSL. The spy photos of the new BMW have already dawned
online showing the white prototype with several differences comparing to the M2 Competition.
Based on the first look, we can conclude that the new machine appears to be much hotter and
track-focused. Some suggestions indicate that the 2021 BMW M2 CS will be released in the North American
market only, whereas the CSL should be sold on the other markets, arriving one year later.
However, these are the predictions which are too early to make. The two models will feature
more power from the regular M2 and to see what to expect, keep on reading!


The prototype that was tested is colored in white and it comes with an optional M Performance
front bumper with a carbon fiber splitter and winglets on the ends. BMW designed a new grille,
which is also used on the 2-Series refreshed series, but other than that, there aren’t any
differences. The power bulge is visible on the hood, indicating that this model will provide more

2021-BMW-M2-2 2021 BMW M2 Rumors

This is obviously a special model. However, that cannot be told if you were to look at this
vehicle from the sides. The German manufacturer installed the carbon ceramic brakes, since the
gold-painted calipers are visible through the lightweight wheels that are finished in black just
like the grille. The calipers are obviously larger than the one seen on the Competition.
Moving to the back and you can see a ducktail spoiler on the trunk lid, which is made of carbon
fiber. However, this bit was camouflaged during the tests, making our job more difficult.

Interior – 2021 BMW M2

These are just speculations, but BMW will most likely insert lighter front seats inside the M2 CS
and CSL. The rear seats, meanwhile, could be taken out to improve the curb weight of the car.
Bare door cards will most likely be simplified together with the big bade somewhere on the

As you can conclude by this point, BMW will do everything to shed as much weight as possible,
so don’t expect any specific luxury inside the cabin. The weight saving measures could drop 130
pounds from the BMW M2 CS and the company can go as far as to take off the sound deadening
elements as well!


The ongoing M2 Competition is equipped with a twin-turbo three-liter I6 that is sourced from the
M3 and M4. This unit delivers 405 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, the CS and
CSL will use the same engine, which will be improved and produce more power.
However, the power increase will be mild and expect to see up to 20 hp boost in the best case
scenario. With that in mind, the two upcoming iterations will speed up to 62 mph in just under
4.0 seconds but the top speed will remain limited to 174 mph. We expect the company to offer
both manual and automatic transmissions.

2021-BMW-M2-2 2021 BMW M2 Rumors


When the 2021 M2 CS and CSL arrive at the dealerships, they will not come cheap. The M2
Competition starts at $58,900, but adding the double-clutch automatic transmission and the M
Driver’s package costs additional $2,900 and $2,500 respectively. With that being said, expect
the CS model to be at least $5,000 more expensive than the M2 Competition.

However, the price tag of the CSL will be completely crazy. It can go as high as $90,000
considering that it will be available in hundreds only! This will make it quite rare and don’t
doubt that it will be sold quickly. Once it goes on sale, the 2021 BMW M2 CS/CSL will take on
the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 and Aston Martin Vantage.

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