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2020 Toyota MR2 Review

The MR2 is one of Toyota’s better-known cars. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued more than a decade ago when it was replaced with a two-door front-engine sports car. While this was great for those looking for a better all-around car, those who loved its ...Read More

2020 Ford Bronco Price Specs

The Bronco is one of Ford’s better known crossover and it is in fact the car that started the crossover craze more than 3 decades ago. Unfortunately it was discontinued back in the ‘90s in order to replace it with a unibody crossover better ...Read More

2020 Tesla Pickup Concept Review

Tesla is the fastest developing manufacturer in the World even though they only make electric vehicles. In fact not that long ago Tesla became the biggest US car manufacturer after they overtook GM. This is a very impressive feat, especially since Tesla currently makes ...Read More